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Join a diverse and inclusive community where your voice is not only heard but celebrated. Share your triumphs. Overcome your challenges. Get advice to fuel your growth.

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Dive into our Huddles. These special communities are designed to keep discussions focused, on-topic, and relevant to your interests. Connect with your peers, exchange valuable insights, and find solutions to common challenges.

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At Heidi, we understand the importance of privacy. Engage in open conversations while remaining completely anonymous. Your username is auto generated and completely random. This means your identity is protected, allowing you to express yourself freely.


from people who have walked in your shoes and blazed some trails.

PTO options

Do any of you have unlimited PTO at your jobs? Do you like it or would you rather have a set amount of days? I like my set amount of days because then I’ll make sure I use them all.

What cities offer the most for the money?

I will be graduating from dental school soon and am looking to start my career on the right foot. I'm open to corporate or independently owned practices that have an associate need...

Reality with dental recruiters

...It has been a mixed bag of experiences but each one claims their office/company is the best. What should I be asking them so I don't end up in a situation I regret?


We prioritize reliability and instill confidence by fostering trust within our community. Trust is a two-way street. Let’s commit to making Heidi a safe place.


Embracing openness and clarity, we commit to transparent interactions and communication. The truth will set you free. We encourage dialogue that cuts to the core.


We’re better together and together, we thrive. Our commitment to collaboration and unity forms the backbone of our community.

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